Conflict Management For Success

It is inevitable for humans to go a whole week without getting into at least one conflict, so why should it be any different when it comes to teams?

We always face challenges, and it’s no different that when a team is put under a big amount of stress, that they too breakdown; however, only a successful team can manage to get through hardship without breaking apart. Sometimes these conflicts may start from as little as one of the group members might be having a bad day, as a team, it’s their job to figure out what could be wrong with that member instead of complaining about it amongst each other. Complaining about it might get the team sidetracked which will later lead to delays on various types of deliveries, and even worse, it may cause an unnecessary dispute within the team, which can really slow down the overall progress depending on the project. In some cases if issues are gone unsolved, and disputes keep occurring, suspensions or even terminations might be on their way. (Kjerulf, 2006)

Most times the problem is only as big as you make it, meaning that if a team member is constantly complaining about a specific issue, no matter how small the issue is, over time it will get bigger. So how does a successful team deal with these issues?

A truly successful team will get together, focus on the issue the moment it occurs, and sometimes through the necessary training, the problem will be broken down into bits and pieces until an agreement is reached. This way, before the problem got out of hand, it was dealt with.

If the issue has to do with just one team member, sometimes it may be necessary to take that member apart from everyone else, and deal with them individually. Either way, the issue must be dealt with on the spot to help keep the team going.


Kjerulf, A. (2006, July 31). 5 essential steps to resolve a conflict at work. Retrieved from


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