How to be Alpha…

Have you ever looked at a champion, and thought what did it take for that person to become a champion? Well it takes great leadership skills first, before the championship is earned. Whether you choose to look at a sports team or a business team leader, the characteristics are very similar.

A leader is someone with great vision for the team, someone who is always motivated, who also has the ability to motivate everyone around them. For example, a good team leader will always have something positive to say to the team, even if things aren’t looking so pretty. (Shana Lebowitz, 2015)

A leader is the person to go to, whether it’s a personal issue, or an issue related to the cause, they are always open to hearing anyone who isn’t having a good day, and they are the ones who have the ability to regenerate the positive engine. (Shana Lebowitz, 2015)

A leader is someone who sets the bench mark, they are the ones who focus on the goal for the team without having to point themselves out, they set the bench mark by working the hardest while maintaining motivation, at the same time, they aren’t the ones who are commanding, because that’s what managers are for, and a leader isn’t a manager. (Shana Lebowitz, 2015)

A leader is someone who is always receptive for feedback. For example, just because they might set bench mark for work ethics, that doesn’t mean that they are perfectionists, after all we’re human and we make mistake; however, team leaders are always open for constructive criticism, and they view criticism as an opportunity to grow, rather than a setback, because with repetition comes perfection, and the more you practice a weakness, the stronger you’ll become at it. (Shana Lebowitz, 2015)


Shana Lebowitz. (2015, September 18). A personality test used by major companies screens leaders for these 18 traits. Retrieved from


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