Motivating Eachother

Every morning when we wake up, we might wake up with low self-energy, which may lead to lack of motivation and laziness. Key contributors to the fact maybe because we lost in a sports team, or if it’s a business setting, it was because the team maybe didn’t meet the sales goal.

It’s important to understand that we might not necessarily always “win” or have things go our way; however, dealing with such devastation might not mean it’s the end of the world. It just means we have to keep trying harder to meet our goals as a team next time.

When such bad events occur, as a team it’s important that all the members back each other up as a team, this can be done by setting up meetings to discuss the bad event, and discuss on what to do next time to avoid falling in the same position. Unfortunately some members in some cases may be suspended in these events, or even expelled or terminated from the group or the team assignment. (Liddell, 2015)

In return, if the team delivers a victory, either in sales or in sports, it’s only fair that the team leader shows recognition to the team members to show appreciation of the hard work that was put into a certain project or task. Team recognition may be individual, which includes employee of the month, where only one member is recognized for their hard work, which prizes or additional benefits may be offered, or it can be for the whole department, where staff dinners may occur or other types of organizational offers are made. (Liddell, 2015)


Liddell, D. (2015). Motivation Through Teamwork. Retrieved from


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