Diversity Matters!

As the key to successful teams is communication,  so is diversity and culture management. In North America there are many different races and cultures. It is important to understand your team members. Many people will look at diversity as it being only race and culture related. However, diversity is far more complex. It is about understanding your team member’s ethnicity, religion, and cultural practices; and respecting, along with embracing them within the team.

In team work environment’s, it’s important to understand that not all team members might necessarily have the same education backgrounds, and more importantly not from the same country, some team members might contribute with a foreign way of thinking, that it because they might possess a degree from a different country, and a true successful team will respect that, and will even cooperate with the fact.

In order to succeed even more, a smart team will leverage the diversity on board, and will look at opportunities instead of obstacles. For example, if you were trying to form a business, and your team consisted of more than one ethnic background that could be a plus in case your business grow and now your team is trying to make business trades internationally. (Glenn Llopis, 2011)

Nowadays when looking at a team and analyzing its group members, your team is a lot more likely to gain the general public’s trust and respect if it is diverse, because outsiders will feel a lot more welcome, which can further help grow your team. (Glenn Llopis, 2011)



Glenn Llopis. (2011, June). Diversity Management Is the Key to Growth: Make It Authentic. Retrieved from Forbes Leadership: http://www.forbes.com/sites/glennllopis/2011/06/13/diversity-management-is-the-key-to-growth-make-it-authentic/#624d5f162489


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